Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

I was a sailor. I forgot my hat though :P This pic looks nothing like me at all, and I was forced to take it against my will D; LOL

But this day was so much fun (: 

Walked around my university with Matthieu who was dressed up as Michael Jackson.
He wouldn't let me walk outside with my jacket on, so I was freezing Dx

And after class, I went straight to A&C Games to play some Brawl with my doubs partner Stef :D

We played for a couple hours and at closing time, everybody went to eat at this Korean restaurant<3

Me n Stef (:

And then took a group pic before we all left

I met some interesting people and made many new friends that day :D . One of the best Halloweens ever! (Even though I didn't get any candy LOL)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sad. Just sad.

A picture I took after I first started university, when I was in a truly depressed state.

I dunno what's wrong with me.
I just have this overwhelming feeling of sadness that I haven't felt in a long time.

But I do kind of know why I'm sad. I think I'm just stressing out over school. And I know I hate hearing about how everybody is busy with school and have all these projects and papers and reports and tests and w.e that they hafta do, but I'm going to say the exact same thing now; that I have soo much shit to do.

I'm not sad because of having a lot of work to do and not being able to spend time with my friends and go to the mall and stuff. I'm sad because I think about how my everyday life is, and how every single day of the week is dedicated to school.

And what's bringing me to tears right now is thinking about how I have absolutely nothing to do right now, and how I'm about to pull out a textbook to start reading for my next class. I'm thinking of how my day went today, where I woke up, went to school, sat through class taking notes, came home, showered and ate, and now just sitting here not knowing what to do. But I know exactly what I'm gonna do, and that's read/ study until I feel tired enough to fall asleep. And I'm thinking of tomorrow, when I hafta wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning to catch my bus to the train, where I have about 45 minutes to sit and read more of my textbook. Then after my first morning class, I'll head to the library where I'm going to try to find some books to read so that I can start to take notes for my 7 - 8 page paper that will be due in a few weeks. Then I will sit through my next two hour class taking notes and then I'll try to rush home, in hopes that I will get back before 8 o'clock at night. When I get home, I'll shower and eat, turn on my laptop, and sit here, once again, not knowing what to do. I may play a few games and talk to a few people, but I very soon end up reading a textbook again for an upcoming class. And I just think of how much I really really really really really really really really hate school.

I'm just thinking of all of this money that is going into school when I really really hate being there. I know that you need an education and a degree to be able to do anything, but sometimes I wonder if I'll even finish. Others seem to cope so well, treating University life as if it were the same as their high school life, their normal life. And here I am, seemingly depressed, wondering if I can even handle this kind of "lifestyle" for even another month.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Finally, a photo!

Black Dress Girl
(Really bad name, but have no idea what to call it aha xD)

I haven't taken a photo of myself in forever!! But here's one finally, and hopefully they'll keep on comin. I've been so busy with school and other things that I barely have time to myself anymore ): But I'm going to try my best to be more active~

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Panda Nails!

Panda nails
(The bottom pic is sloppy cuz I had to use my left hand aha.)
Learned this from a Bubz tutorial. (:

I love painting my nails :D and I wanna try all the tutorials I can find!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Closet Sale Starts Now!

I've started my own closet sale!
There's only a few pictures uploaded right now, but there are many more to come soon! So if you're interested, please check it out (:
Selling them on my facebook page.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

♥Happy 5 Month Anniversary♥

Happy 5 months to me and him<3 (:

This is how we spend our first few hours of the morning; staying up and playing games on the pc xD

I haven't really been updating lately because I've just been trying to have the best time with what little time I have left with my boyfriend ): . And pretty much all we've done is go out to see movies, go out to buy fast food, and play a bunch of video games xD . To be more specific, I've been playing lots of LoL, started playing Dragon Nest, and improving in SSBB.

Well, time to get back to gaming :D

Friday, 29 July 2011

Review: First Year of University

I thought I would write a nice detailed review of my first year of university, just so that I can be able to remember this time. Some people may want to know what it's like or others can compare their experience(s) with mine (: So from start to finish, here it is~

Just a little background:
In my late teens, I moved around a crapload of times, so I've been kind of use to attending new schools and getting lost and having to find my way around myself, as well as cope with all of the stress and anxiety. (I've lived ALL around the country :[ ). So I guess I was a little less nervous about entering university, knowing that everything would pretty much be the same. I graduated from a small school in Nova Scotia and was accepted into the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Toronto. As soon as a graduated, I spent my summer vacation with my family in Quebec, and then moved to live with my aunt in the Greater Toronto Area to attend school.

One thing that I can say about the summer was that it was very worrisome. It's my own fault because I started my student loan application late, and had both of my parents in different provinces than where I was, so it was hard to get the time to talk to them and get the information I needed. I ended up finishing the application in mid-July, and worried constantly about whether I was even going to recieve the money or not. So I would say to make sure to get all of your school stuff done ASAP so that you don't have to stress over it.

Travelling to school:
For me, travelling to school is a bit pricey (and long!), but a hell of a lot cheaper than living in dorm. This is what I have to go through everyday.

  • My aunt drives me to the GO Train. (15 min)
  • I take the GO Train to the main station (40 min), where I switch to the TTC (subway) and take it to the station closest to the campus (10 min).
  • I walk to the building where my class(es) is/ are (10 - 20 min).
And I go home the exact same way, starting from bottom to top. It always takes at least a full hour to get to school, but often longer because of delays, crowded trains, weather, etc.
What I do is I buy a student monthly pass for the GO ($161), and I buy TTC tokens for the subway (~$100/month).

*** Fortunately, my classes were around the same area on campus, so I never had to worry about running to my next class when one ended!

Before school starts/ preparing:
During the summer, you hafta look at the courses and pick your own courses and try to make up your own schedule by checking when the classes are and stuff~. So just in case things don't work out, it's good to make a 2nd and 3rd backup schedule. This can take me a good couple hours to do when I'm deciding what to choose lol.
Textbooks costs A LOT. I only needed textbooks for 3 of my classes (out of the 5) and it ended up being about $350, which isn't a lot compared to what everybody else I knew had to buy.

- Modern Standard Japanese 1 (Full year course)
- Premodern East Asian History (Fall course/ Prerequisite)
- Technology and the Human (Fall course/ First-year seminar course)
- Modern East Asian History (Spring course/ Prerequisite)
- Language and Culture (Spring course/ First-year seminar course)

I'm planning on majoring in East Asian studies. In order to do so, I need to have these prerequisite history/ society courses throughout all of my four years, as well as 1 language course. I don't know how difficult it would be for somebody without Japanese knowledge to start at university level, but I took Japanese for 3 years in high school and found it quite easy. So the university class was easy for me as well.

History was my worst subject in high school and I don't really do well in those classes because the readings are ridiculous! I would hafta print out 50 - 100 pages a week to read. (Highlighters are your best friend!) I ended up failing one class, and since it's a prereq, I hafta take it again :/ Imma try extra hard this year.

As for the seminar courses, there's only 1 class per week for 2 hours, and a weekly assignment due at the start of every class. So I found those to be really relaxing classes. And instead of a final exam, there was a final group project.

Time & Life:
My schedule went like this: I was at school on Monday from 12pm - 8pm, I had one 1-hour class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on Wednesday I had the same 1-hr class, and a 2 hour class a few hours later, and I had Fridays off. So I really liked my schedule (:  However, Mondays are lecture days, and no attendance is taken during lectures, so I hafta admit that I skipped almost half of my Mondays. But that's really bad, I'm definitely not gonna do that this year. On Wednesdays after my first class, I would always study or catch up on other work because it's the perfect time to do it. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, since I spent so much money already to go downtown for classes, I often hang out with friends afterwards. I was fortunate enough to get such a free schedule that I could just study and do work when I wanted to, and it was never something that was like "omg I HAFTA study for this test tomorrow!", because I was always caught up with all of the free time I had.
That was the year overall. However, at the beginning of the year I had no friends and felt so alone. I went into this great depression and it was so bad that I had trouble sleeping, barely ate anything (and when I did, I felt sick) and often cried throughout my day, everyday. Everyday would be just wake up, go to school, go home, try to eat/ shower/ study/ try to sleep.

The school year felt really short, probably because it really is the shortest year I've ever had (Sept - April). One thing that I think is stupid is that I should have looked for a job right when classes ended. Instead I've sorta been travelling everywhere, but not really wanting to go to the places I wanted to go to. I've been visiting family and stuff instead. And I really haven't even been in the city enough to hang out with my friends at all this summer. And it's kinda hitting me now that there's only a month left of summer and it'll probably end sooner before I know it as well. But.. oh wellz :/  And right at this moment, I still do have worries. I have worries about student loan coming late again like last year and other school related problems. But I hope things will work out.

I kinda rambled a lot more than I wanted to. Don't think anybody will really care bout this but I can look back n remember what my first year was like n stuff lol.

View of downtown Toronto from my friend's balcony.
Not a very pretty day lol xP