Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

I was a sailor. I forgot my hat though :P This pic looks nothing like me at all, and I was forced to take it against my will D; LOL

But this day was so much fun (: 

Walked around my university with Matthieu who was dressed up as Michael Jackson.
He wouldn't let me walk outside with my jacket on, so I was freezing Dx

And after class, I went straight to A&C Games to play some Brawl with my doubs partner Stef :D

We played for a couple hours and at closing time, everybody went to eat at this Korean restaurant<3

Me n Stef (:

And then took a group pic before we all left

I met some interesting people and made many new friends that day :D . One of the best Halloweens ever! (Even though I didn't get any candy LOL)

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